Research Reference five



Purpose: The purpose of this article is to present to parents the amount of sleep deprivation that their children are experiencing because of their over use of social media. The lack of sleep that they are missing out on can greatly affect their school work(which can lead to them not completing any work or just being too tired to do any work), how they interact with others in school (if they a grumpy/cranky, or if they don’t have any energy at all to even interact with their peers).


There are also some positive aspects when it comes to the use of social media. Children are able to express themselves however they would like to. Self Expression is important for a child to have because essentially that is them discovering their identity. Self Expression is very significant with a developing teenager. Another positive aspect of the use of social media is that they are able to build this sense of community with the people that they are constantly speaking to over any social media sights that they have. Having this sense of “community” can be very important  within a developing teens life because then they won’t feel as if they are that alone in world. They will begin to feel as if they have another individual to lean on and not just feel as if they have to experience everything by themselves.
Audience: The intended audience for this article would again be parents who want to be educated on social media so that they can take the cautionary steps to helping out their child with staying safe on social media. This paragraph might particularly appeal to them because they will be getting a description for what the pros and cons are of social media.


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